My PhD

My focus from the start was on the convergence of K-Pop fandom, media, and perceptions and cultural understandings of Korean-ness. It has continued to grow in scope and I shared my research with audiences around the world. Read more below to find out how you can participate!

Publications, Papers and Blogs

I've been fortunate enough in my academic career to meet some of the most amazing individuals, and work with supportive institutions.

Past Projects
  • Racial Melancholia & K-Pop as a Racial Transition Object for Korean Diaspora- Association for Asian Studies in Asia Conference, 2023

  • British Idols vs British Gatekeepers: Transcultural K-Pop Media Match - "Towards equity, diversity, and sustainability in streaming: Korean media in the UK and British media in Korea" Project conference, February 2023

  • Parasociality and Queering of K-Pop- Association for Asian Studies Conference, March 2022

  • Re-choregraphing the V-Live: K-Pop Fandom and Vidding Parasocial Relationships- The Fan Studies Network- North America Conference, October 2021

  • Parasociality and Industry Amnesia– Wear Your Voice Magazine, October 2021

  • Outrage at Faneuil Hall: An Enduring Legacy of Freedom and the 1903 Chinatown Raids- The Paul Revere Memorial Association Quarterly Gazette, October 2020

  • Puzzling Together Suffrage: Asian American Suffragette’s Fight for the Big Picture- Blog Loring-Greenough House’s celebration of Asian Pacific Islander Month, May 2020

  • How Do I Summon the K-Pop Stans: Activism in K-Fandom- Northeastern Popular Culture Conference, November 2020; awarded the Amos St. Germain Graduate Student Paper Prize

  • An Ethnographical Analysis of BTS– Northeastern Popular Culture Association, 2019

  • The Loring Family of Massachusetts Part I & II- The Paul Revere Memorial Association Quarterly Gazette, Summer 2018

  • Why Do Millennials Volunteer?– Featured subject in New England Museum Association, Fall 2018 Quarterly

Current Projects

  • Vampires in K-Pop – presented at The Popular Culture Association National Conference, 2023; anticipated publication in anthology 2025

  • Riffs Popular Music Journal - Books, Gigs, and Venues Reviews Editor/Co-Editor Asian Popular Music Special Edition - Anticipated Publication, 2024, on-going Asian music reviews throughout 2024-2025